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Sharing Hope & Changing Lives



1. I'm new here. Don't have much church experience. How do I get started?


We believe the Lord has led you here. He has already been at work in your life guiding you and preparing you. Because He created you, He wants a special relationship with you. Prince of Peace is the right place to begin this new journey. The best place to start is a Life Group or other small group. Take your time and see if Christian faith and lifestyle works for you. We believe it will.


2. I was raised Catholic, fell away, ended up coming to faith at Calvary Chapel and haven't gone to church for a while. I'm not "religious." Would I fit in at Prince of Peace?


Being a follower of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with being "religious." It's about having a living faith in Jesus and living that faith out in community with others seeking to live out their calling. Prince of Peace is a safe place to do just that.


3. I don't go to church but I want to get my baby baptized. Whom do I call? Can you do this for me?


We'd love to baptize your child. We just ask that you meet with Pastor Charlie so you have an idea of what you are baptizing him/her into. Take your time. Make some friends. Check out what Jesus has to offer.


4. My church no longer teaches the Bible and we are looking for a Bible-believing church. Will we be safe at Prince of Peace?


Yes. Prince of Peace is a Bible believing - Bible teaching church, we build our lives on His Word.


5. We are shopping for a church to get married in. Can you do our wedding?


We'd love explore the possibilities with you.  Contact us or 563-391-4519


6. Someone told me that Prince of Peace is a charismatic church. Is that true?


We don't limit ourselves to any such labels. Prince of Peace is a renewal-friendly church and if you see spiritual gifts and signs/wonders in operation in the New Testament, you will probably run into them here. We affirm the use of all spiritual gifts within biblical boundaries. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.


7. Do you believe that healing is for today?


Yes. Pastor Charlie and our prayer team are available to pray with you.


8. What do you teach about homosexuality?


The Bible teaches that it is God's plan for male and female to bring forth new life through marriage. These are not just isolated verses here and there. This is a mega theme in Scripture and in nature all around us. The Bible is clear that homosexual behavior is a sin. However, we are not condemning of those in a homosexual life-style and invite them/you to seek Jesus among us. There is a big difference between blessing sin and forgiving sin. We at Prince of Peace are not in the sin blessing business--we will never bless sin. But we would love to work out our forgiveness as you work out your forgiveness with us. If you are engaged in homosexual or lesbian behavior, please call the pastor (563)391-4519, and he would love to talk with you in a safe and confidential setting.


9. I went to a Lutheran church and it was boring. Is your church boring?


Usually not. :-)